Redefine your space

Expand storage & optimize your work area

No matter what type of business you’re in, every square foot of space comes at a cost.

Movable shelving maximizes your storage space, to minimize your real estate costs. These mobile storage systems eliminate the standard fixed aisles between shelving units or cabinets. Expand your storage capacity by as much as 80% without expanding your storage footprint. Or condense your current storage into half the original space, and put the recovered space to a new productive use. Either way, movable shelving is a smart financial move.

When floor space is at a premium and you need to expand your storage capacity, it is probably time you looked at a movable shelving solution. Premier carries a wide assortment of high density mobile file systems that can truly optimize your work area and give your staff the ability to access material, records, files and other assets easily and without a single minute of wasted time or energy.

Save half your floor space

Save 50% of your floor space by utilizing mobile storage. These diagrams show the clear benefit of how mobile storage can transform a space and allow for significant space savings and save real estate for revenue production activities.

Moveable shelving saves space diagram

Movable shelving is:

  • Strong – Durable steel construction supports heavy loads, and non-reactive surfaces preserve your items from degradation.
  • Secure – Mechanical, electronic, or biometric locks restrict access by section to keep stored contents safe.
  • Unique – Choose from a variety of stock finishes, or customize the exterior to support your brand messaging.
  • Flexible – Adjustable shelves and modular compartments accommodate items of all sizes and shapes.
  • Custom Designed – Our team designs and installs the ideal configuration of movable shelving units for your space and your needs.
Premier Business Solutions office high density storage solutions New Jersey New York


Documents and supplies are easy to access and don’t require extra space.

Movable shelving for healthcare


HIPAA compliance is simplified with secure locking systems: manual, electronic, or biometric.

Movable shelving for manufacturing storage


With materials and equipment stored in less space, there’s more room for operations.


Parts are organized into adjustable compartments, ready when you need them.

high quantity long gun storage New York New Jersey

Public Safety

Gear, weaponry, evidence, and documents stay secure with access-limiting parameters.

Movable Shelving for athletics and sports teams


Adjustable shelves and compartments accommodate all types of equipment.

Movable shelving for museums


Flexible size options and non-reactive shelving finishes preserve precious artifacts.

Movable shelving for libraries


Store more books in less space with shelving that has non-reactive finishes to protect books


Movable and adjustable shelving to meet changing retail needs.

Vertical Growing

Versatile vertical growing provides crops year-round.

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