Stairways, Ship’s Ladders and Crossover Bridges

Effortlessly and safely maneuver through bustling workspaces and crucial storage zones with ease.

EQUIPTO provides top-notch, durable warehouse stairs, ship’s ladders, and crossover bridges, enabling secure, convenient, and effective navigation and supervision of your warehouse, manufacturing site, and additional workspaces.

EQUIPTO’s warehouse stairways, ship’s ladders and crossover bridges provide:

  • Safe, secure routes throughout your workspace
  • Paths around and over platforms, equipment, roofs, pits, trenches
  • Access for machinery repair
  • OSHA compliant & IBC compliant accessibility
  • Areas for inspection or observation

Structural Steel Mezzanines

Mezzanines Offer Immediate Storage Enhancement for Your Facility

As your business expands, the demand for floor space and storage increases. Installing a mezzanine maximizes the use of vertical space in your building, enabling quick and convenient addition of storage areas while occupying minimal ground space. This results in a decluttered and well-organized facility.

Panel Built Mezzanines Present Fully Tailored Design Options

Panel Built’s metal fabrication facility specializes in crafting bespoke mezzanine designs, featuring distinct dimensions, heights, spans, decking materials, railing choices, and more. These adaptable structural steel mezzanines can be utilized for various purposes, including equipment access platforms and observation towers.

Mezzanine Railguard

When warehouse space is at a premium and you require additional storage, office, or workspace, a mezzanine (also known as a raised work platform) can be an economical solution by utilizing the existing overhead space in your facility, provided it is suitably safeguarded.

Conventional handrail systems that comply with ANSI MH 28.3 are typically sufficient to secure the exposed edge of a mezzanine. However, how can you protect people, equipment, and products from items protruding through the handrail opening? BeastWire RailGuard wire mesh infill panels effectively prevent projectiles and other falling objects from escaping your raised work platform at the handrail, catwalk, pallet drop zone, and staircase.

Mezzanine Rail Guard

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