Redefining safety and security.

Increase safety and security

Warehouse and manufacturing operations are vital components in the supply chain. To keep goods flowing, you need secure entries for shipping and receiving, and you need machinery and shelving safety structures to protect workers. Our experts create wire mesh cages and guards that maintain security and comply with NFPA and OSHA regulations.

  • Step One: We review your operations and your warehouse space.
  • Step Two: Our designers develop a cage and guard plan tailored to your requirements.
  • Step Three: Our team delivers and installs your custom-designed security and safety solutions.

Our wire mesh cages and guards provide:


Cages manage entry and exit points to preserve the integrity of your inventory.

Regulatory Compliance

Shelving and equipment guards prevent injuries from in-use machinery or falling objects; rack guards maintain mandated inter-rack fire flues.

Cost Effectiveness

The modular mesh panels can be moved to new locations and reconfigured as your operational needs change.

In today’s competitive logistics environment, every dollar counts. It pays to keep your equipment and inventory secure, and reduce workplace accidents. Wire mesh cages and guards keep your manufacturing and warehouse operations profitable.

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BeastWire Air Conditioning Cages

BeastWire Mesh Guarding

Premier Business Solutions Inc. carries BeastWire’s mesh wire security cages. Establish a physical barrier to protect individuals from potential security or safety hazards. Constructed from steel mesh, these cage partitions enable clear visibility and promote the circulation of light, air, and fire suppression systems without compromising their structural function.


These cages are fully welded and available in our standard 10-gauge or 6-gauge wire options. By maintaining consistency in the gauges used for our metal cage panels, we ensure the utmost strength and stability of our product.

Adaptable and Versatile

Partitions employ stackable panels and posts to reach desired heights, utilize our growth plate to optimize the use of standard wire mesh partition panel and post sizes, and seamlessly integrate various door locks, access control, and closing mechanisms.

Fast Installation

Experience hassle-free installation with our interchangeable universal posts, reversible slide and hinged gates that can switch between lock and padlock configurations without replacing the doors, and welded wire construction that permits clean field cuts without compromising the system's integrity—all while maintaining hardware on the secure side of the wire mesh partition.

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