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Your place of business has security for its offices, warehouses, and other facilities. But within those spaces, there is often a need for safe, secure individual storage – anything from personal items to packages, police evidence, pharmaceuticals, even firearms and tactical gear. Lockers are the solution.

To give you the right lockers for your operation, we offer a 3-step process:

  • Step One: We analyze your operations and your space.
  • Step Two: We design a locker system and layout customized to your business.
  • Step Three: We deliver and install your new locker system, ready to go from Day One.

Our wide variety of lockers are:

  • Secure – With features like smart locks, RFID, and biometric locks, lockers lower your insurance rates and reduce the cost of pilferage. Specialized antimicrobial surfaces keep contents safe from contamination.
  • Durable – Sturdy metal construction holds up to years of daily wear and tear, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Design Friendly – The extensive array of finishes complements any interior design. Lockers can even be a creative design feature.

Whether you’re running a gym, managing a police station, designing a dormitory, supervising a hospital, or administering an office or warehouse, there’s a locker that fits your needs. Our team will match your operations with a custom locker solution.


When it comes to workplaces, amusement parks, and even government institutions—If you wish to store valuable items with limited access and full traceability, choose E-lockers Inc. Our E-Locker systems are routinely used for storing items such as:

  • Valuable Equipment
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Evidence Storage
  • Legal Files
  • Weapon Storage

E-Lockers are easily customizable. Simply select your color scheme and upload your logos. Then, the administrator enrolls users with exclusive access to lockers. From there, they can select single or double authentication using RFID access cards, barcode scanning of ID badges, or 6-digit pins. Lockers can be configured for temporary or permanent use.

The process is just as easy for the user:

  • A simple tap on the touchscreen on the locker kiosk will prompt the user to choose between storing and retrieving their items.
  • When storing an item, the user will provide authentication through RFID, barcode, or PIN, and select a locker that will open for access. The user will then close the door after storing their items; An audio alert will sound if the locker has been left open.
  • At the kiosk, the user can open their locker using their authentication, or select another locker for use.
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Lockers Brochures That Show Unique Uses

Lockers Brochures That Show Unique Uses

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