Industrial storage solutions

Process Solutions

When you’re managing an industrial manufacturing environment, you have two primary concerns: processes and storage. Our products and our custom designs provide solutions for both functions. Your operations stay efficient, productive, safe, and secure – and your bottom line will benefit.

A storage solution comes with a mandate to improve inventory accuracy and output while reducing workplace injuries.  Utilizing your vertical space, you are able to more effectively use your existing real estate. This can be achieved with mezzanines, carousel, lifts and automation solutions.

Wire Cages

Built for strength and designed for safety and security, wire cages protect inventory from damage and shrinkage, and protect workers from moving machinery and falling objects.  Click here to see a brochure.

Vertical Carousels

Space-efficient vertical carousels make materials and parts easily accessible, while reducing lift-strain workplace injuries.

Automated & Retrieval Systems

For small parts and high volume, AS/RS provides fast automated picking for increased productivity, and reduces space requirements by up to 75%.


Whether stand-alone or integrated with an AS/RS system, conveyors in a custom-designed layout will keep materials flowing through the manufacturing process with maximum efficiency.

Wire Carts

Save time and eliminate multiple picking trips when you consolidate boxes and materials into a single cart for manual conveyance to a workstation or delivery point. There’s a size and configuration for every manufacturing need.

Modular Offices

As processes change and storage needs shift, modular offices can be moved and reconfigured to fit your new layout. They’re regulation-compliant, and they save the cost of a new build.

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Secure Handheld Device Charging Cabinet

Make sure your handheld scanners, readers and radios come home after every shift. Transform the way you store, secure and charge barcode and RFID scanners, body cameras, healthcare scanners, two-way radios, and most other mobile devices with charging cradles.

HIVE™ is recommended for warehouses, distribution centers, law enforcement, healthcare facilities, industrial, commercial aviation, military processing environments and other industries utilizing chargeable devices to manage and track their assets. ck their assets.

Process in manufacturing is what creates efficiencies and therefore increases the bottom line.
By having your parts easily available, offering a solution that increases worker safety and using space efficient storage the opportunity for increased production and manufacturing can be achieved.

Movable Shelving

With adjustable shelves and compartments, a rail-mounted mobile shelving system is secure, sturdy, and space-saving. Non-reactive finishes and electronic locks keep your inventory safe from damage and pilferage.

Modular drawers

Tools and parts come in all shapes and sizes. Cabinets with modular drawers and reconfigurable compartments give you customized secure storage to fit your operation’s unique requirements.  Click here to see a brochure.

Mezzanines Access

Multilevel storage with mezzanine access lets you make the most of vertical space in your industrial building. Expand your storage up, not out.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Strong and durable, heavy duty shelving lets you store bulk-quantity materials without worries about shelf failure and inventory loss. Click here to see a brochure.

For your Smaller Inventory Items

Make the most of your existing space with columns of easy-to-reach, square fabric pockets hung vertically. They are lightweight yet durable, holding 220lbs per column and guaranteed to last for up to 10 years!

A recent impartial study showed nearly 38% savings in usable storage space using this storage concept. This innovative high-density industrial fabric pocket storage system provides a slim fit for all of your breakout & small SKUs!

Click this image to get access to a comprehensive brochure of how we can help you with material handling solutions that can create new efficiencies.


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