Redefine efficiency in the workplace.

Benefits of Automated Storage

Efficient production is the goal of automation. Our automated storage systems deliver the goods: efficient processes and efficient space utilization.

From manufacturing to retail to healthcare, these vertical carousels store parts and products securely, and deliver them quickly and accurately. With automated storage, you can pick a greater volume, eliminate travel and search time, manage your inventory, and even interface with other automation tools for continuous productivity.

Space Optimization Through Automation

Organize your inventory – No matter what shape or size, your inventory can be accommodated by the customizable shelves, racks, and bins of an automated storage system. Save the cost of misplaced or lost items.

Increase your throughput – Accurate automated delivery of parts or materials reduces picking time and avoids picking errors. Speed and accuracy improve productivity.

Optimize your space – Vertical storage carousels utilize overhead space to reduce your storage footprint by up to 70%. Get the most for your real estate dollar.

Improve your safety – Injuries are costly. Carousel shelves deliver items at an ergonomic height to reduce strains; shelf cages prevent falling objects; machinery enclosures eliminate operational injuries.

Automated Storage System

Maximum storage, minimal footprint, optimum parts management.

  • Fits and stores parts within available room height.
  • Reduces work-time, warehouse space by 60% or more for big cost savings.
  • Automation brings items to retrieval area in seconds. Goods to user vs. user to goods.
  • Height-optimized storage eliminates wasted space. Far more advantageous than high-bay, mini-load storage systems.
  • Network-friendly – communicates with your host computer real-time, or as a standalone system.
  • Ultimate inventory management – access inventory status anytime and eliminate excess inventory or shortages.

The difference between manual and automated picking is clear – watch the video to see for yourself!


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