Stainless Steel Storage

Stainless Steel Storage from Eagle MHC

With Eagle MHC we can help provide you with an extensive array of stainless steel storage catering to the cleanroom, healthcare, laboratory, life sciences, and material handling sectors. Additionally, choose from a diverse range of sink products for the wholesale plumbing industry.

Eagle manufactures a broad line of products for all your stainless steel equipment needs. Shelving, tables, sinks, stainless steel inset casework, cleanroom equipment, healthcare storage and transport, and custom fabrication. Their products are Made in the U.S.A. so you can count on having the products you need.

Eagle MHC

Stationary and Mobile Shelving

Eagle manufactures a wide range of shelving products to fit every requirements. Eagle has been manufacturing wire shelving and accessories for over 35 years. 

They offer mobile and stationary models, in wire, polymer and solid. With Premier Business Solutions, we will work with you and the manufacturer to find the perfect shelving solution to meet your needs.

Worktables and Workstations

Have tables produces to suit your every requirement, with stainless steel worktables in an extensive array of sizes as well as custom configurations designed to fit your specific space and function.


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