More Storage In Less Space

Innovative Storage System

Optimizing the cost per square foot and organizing order picking as efficiently as possible are ongoing challenges in warehouse management. Pallet racking works well for high-volume, fast-moving items, but may lead to wasted space when it comes to smaller, slower-moving inventory items.

This is where Storeganizer can help. The innovative, high-density storage system provides a slim-fit storage solution that is ideal for small, slow-moving items.

Storeganizer is part of conTeyor which for decades has designed unique, re-usable textile packaging systems for automotive and commercial transport that eliminates single-use bubble wrap, cardboard, or plastic packing. Not only are long-lasting fabric pockets cost-efficient and environmentally sound, but also their highly protective qualities keep products usable over years, adding value to the supply chain process.

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Storeganizer Benefits

Space-Saving– Limit the costs per square foot, accommodating small items in columns of suspended, easy-to-access vertical pockets that support up to 250lbs with a 10-year warranty

Range of Options – Highly adaptable, featuring a broad assortment of pocket dimensions and customization options from which to choose

Ergonomic – Concentrate SKUs in space by stacking them vertically, reducing the picking area—shorter traveling distances lead to higher-order picking productivity

Textile – The cost-efficient, environmentally sound, and highly protective Storeganizer pockets are crafted of a high-quality industrial textile fabric that is durably coated

Efficient – On average, traveling time is reduced by 42%, resulting in a 26% gain in order-picking efficiency. *According to research performed at the University of Leuven, Belgium, 2013

Pockets – To avoid wasting space by storing small items on shelves, Storeganizer packs these items more densely in vertical columns of slim pockets.

Customizable  – Pockets could be barcoded to minimize picking errors. Front covers, dividers, or front stops are available as additional options.


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Offer Conditions*
  • Only on standard sizes ( 91 inches to the bottom of load bar)
  • Max 5 bays. In case more than five bays are needed, prior approval is required (can mix standard sizes)
  • We bear the cost of shipment to the client (Storeganizer)
  • The onsite DC team does the installation
  • Three months starts after goods have been delivered to the client’s site
  • If a client decides to continue with Storeganizer, goods will be invoiced at market price
  • If the client chooses not to continue with Storeganizer after the trial, they have to ship back the rack(s) at their expense